covering of all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or frighten others
  1. cover (the face) with a mask
  2. conceal (something) from view
Many of us are wearing masks in our everyday life, hiding behind a safe image, we show what we want and portray ourselves however we want. It’s essential to not let that mask overtake us and our personalities, using the mask to diffuse our problems with ourselves and cope with issues we have ignored and compressed. We should try to take care of not only ourselves, but others too. We all have masks, whether we wear them or not is our own choice but letting them overtake us is not healthy.
It’s important to look within and accept ourselves and to except help when we need it in order to grow as people. Excepting help as well as offering help to others will not only result in others happiness but your own satisfaction and joy.
Take care of yourself,
Note* Esha created the artwork for the piece herself, the caption I’m Fine/Save Me illustrates the masks we wear on a daily basis when putting on a brave face to the world, it speaks of the roles we play and how we create an image of ourselves that fits with what others want us to be while silently burying deep our true selves. She suggests asking for help if you need it and not to suffer in silence, offering up helping others as a route finding more joy and authenticity in life. 
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