Other Projects

Community Work

  • Christmas Party
  • Summer Fair
  • ‘We are family’ parents’ group.

National Projects

  • #75Flames Holocaust Memorial Project

10 local young people listened to Marta Josephs from the North East Council of Jewry tell the story of her father who was imprisoned in a concentration camp under the Nazi’s. The young people were so moved by the friendship he found in his follow prisoners that they created a memorial flame in their honour. As part of a national art initiative the young people’s work was shown in London, three of the group attended the event.

Weekly Detached Youth Work

  • Cowgate
  • Blakelaw
  • Newbiggin Hall

“We are a close group of mates, we all go out together, no one gets left out. We feel different from other people from other areas, we are not the same, none of us left with any GCSE’s I don’t know why, I wish I had of stuck in more at school. I’m looking for a job but it’s not easy and I’m not getting anywhere”.
(Chloe, 17yrs)


The Cowgate Centre
Houghton Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne


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