Today we are launching a funding campaign to help us raise crucial funding for our Change Maker Volunteer Programme – and we need your help!

Young people aged 11 – 19 are experiencing a rapid decline in provision due to local authority cuts. They are not supported at a crucial time when they are facing more difficult transitions into adulthood than ever. They have access to fewer opportunities, less support and cannot effect positive change within their lives.

Our Charity, Projects 4 Change, has a mission to assist in reversing the national downturn in youth provision by addressing worker unemployment, skills shortage and lack of finance which has eroded services for young people. We are just beginning, in full knowledge of the task ahead – WE LOVE YOUTH WORK, and believe in the ability of youth work to change young people’s lives.

Using a partnership approach, we will create new provisions and add value to existing provisions, creating value for money and shared resources. We will be youth led, making sure young people have a voice that is heard and supported. All of our projects will be supported by experienced Projects 4 Change youth workers and adhere to the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work.

We’re excited to launch our first project and have already secured 85% of funding, however we have a shortfall and desperately need your help to make this happen.

With your help we would like to raise core costs relating to:
• Safeguarding Policies & DBS Checks
• Public liability Insurance
• Funds to cover Volunteer expenses (to assist young people to engage with extra opportunities)

Our target for our crowdfunding campaign, throughout August, is to raise £1147.

Please give whatever you can to help us on our way and to help support the young people in our communities who really need our support.

Over the next four weeks you will see blog posts full of exciting content to tell you more about our team, young people and our aims for the future. As part of the Change Maker Volunteer Programme, our Young Change Makers will also have the opportunity to tell their own stories, based on their own passions and experiences. James will be writing an article entitled, “Social Action Racism and me”; Kayleigh would like to explore the topic of Zero Hour Contracts – “Does being young have to mean low wages and Zero Hour contracts?” and Courtney wants to use her position and past experiences to help other young people learn about how to manage trauma in their lives. Her article, “Coping with Trauma: One year on from the Manchester Arena Bombing” is set to be an emotional and engaging read. These are inspirational young people, maybe even future leaders and influencers.

So please visit our Go Fund Me page here and help us to raise £1147 to bring this programme to it’s full potential. The 9 month project will see our Change Maker Volunteers and young people develop and grow personally, as well as listen and act on behalf of other young people who may not have the confidence to yet speak for themselves.

Please give what you can afford and share the link with your friends so that we can achieve our ambition of creating positive changes and a better future for all young people.